It's getting harder to tell which are the key slopes now that there are more model glider flying slopes featured on this website than ever before. So here's a Top Ten.  They're in no particular order since it all depends on the wind and how close you live to the slopes.

Beachy Head
When Beachy Head is on, the lift is amazing: strong and buttery smooth

Bopeep Hill
Excellent smooth lift, very similar to Firle Beacon but slightly less well known

Butts Brow
A couple of great bowls plus a couple of secondary slopes

Devil's Dyke
Superb lift but can be crowded

Ditchling Beacon
Plenty of lift but can be turbulent

Firle Beacon
Excellent smooth lift, hard to fault

Harting Down
Not so well known but the lift is as good as the very best

Ivinghoe Beacon
A great range of slopes and a wonderful friendly scene

Long Man Hill
A selection of superb slopes but quite a hike to get to them

Mill Hill
The lift is great and the flyers friendly

If this was a Top Twelve, Butser Hill and Thurnham Castle Hill would also be on the list. But Top Twelve just doesn't sound right!

Slopes in the rest of England are not yet included in this top ten list, but they are on the map:

Slope Soaring Sites Map

nlightenment at Bopeep Hill